Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Role of Innovation

I recently read “Why Buy The Cow” by Subrah S. Ivar, who is the CEO and founder of WebEx. This astounding and innovative company has more than 30,000 corporate customers and more than two million registered users. Small business owners are constantly searching the Internet space for innovative tools that’s beneficial to them. WebEx is a service bringing people together across the world to work together in real-time over the Web. That’s what I call innovation. But what are some of the ways we apply innovation today. I attended a leadership seminar where Doug Balog, VP of IBM Modular and Blade Systems Development spoke on Innovation Driven Leadership. Doug shared his thoughts on innovation in a millennium of global competitiveness. He states that the global communities are willing use Software as a Service (SaaS) to drive business. More products are a compilation of knowledge from virtual collaborative decision-making. Here are his thoughts below:

How Do We Innovate, by Using:
Smart objects
The connectedness of everything
Information Put to Work
Collaboration and co-creation
The marketplace for expertise
The virtual corporation

It’s Time to Innovate Through Service Using:
Business processes
Business models
Management and culture
Policy and Society

On the "Identify Self-Defence Course"...

Have a look at this interesting post by Doug Pollack, titled “Are you Well Protected?”:
“As we look forward to what is in store for us in 2008, The Identity Theft Resource Center is projecting an increase in both the number of security breaches and incidents of identity theft.
With this as a backdrop, we’ve developed a set of recommendations for people to protect themselves. As part of our ID Self-Defense Academy, a component of our subscription services member website, this Self-Defense Checklist includes both common sense suggestions that you are likely to be familiar with, as well as others that are new this year given the evolution in the use of the internet and computers in identity theft.”

Actually, this post provides an “ID self-defence check list” about:

  • Protecting yourself at home

  • Protecting your computer and Internet access

  • Protecting yourself on the road

Of course, all this is pretty much based on common sense, but it provides a useful reminder …
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Monday, January 28, 2008

Understanding Your Mission Statement

Do you understand your mission statement and why it is important? A good mission statement should explain the "why" of your organization. In your mission statement you should articulate the organization's values. A mission statement should answer three questions:
1. What is the purpose of your organization?
2. What is the business of your organization?
3. What are the values of your organization?

You can start your mission statement with the following headings:

The purpose:
The business:
The values:

Finally, your mission statement should be short enough that will allow anyone in the organization to memorize and repeat it when asked.