Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm New To CinchCast and I'm Loving It! So What Is It?

For the record, I'm new to Cinchcast, a combined micro-podcasting and tweeting netwroking website. As a busy professional I'm always on the go, traveling and talking to many people. Now I have a way to instantly share my ideas and conversations with others through Cinchcast. I’ve recently added the cinchcast widget to my blog and website.

It is the unofficial brain child of BlogTalkRadio and Twitter. Cinchcast is available for Smartphones, iPhones and Androids phones. There are six Cinch tips that I want to talk to you about.

Cinchast Marketing Tips
1. Busy Executives & Professionals
Professionals are always on the run, but cinch now provides a very simple and effective way for CEO’s, Presidents and executives to engage conversation with their market, prospects, customers and users of social media services. Pre-Twitter times made it somewhat difficult for these executives to take time to engage in social media and communicate with their market. When twitter came around it became even easier for these very executives to fulfill their communication duties and now for the post twitter times we’re looking at Cinchcast. Now it will really be a cinch for these executives to communicate important messages. All they have to do is make a very quick phone call from the number associated to their accounts and leave a message, in a matter of minutes it will be available to the entire Cinchast community and the followers of said account. Cinchcast will be excellent for the CEO, The Professional or the busy executive always on the go.

2. Personal Touch
Keep in touch with bloggers, send a holiday greeting, or a very quick follow up message. Cinchcast will make it very easy for you to connect with influential members of your niche or business market.

3. Memos & Announcements
Spread Company announcements, memos, info about specials, deals and sales, what better way than to pick up your office phone and send a voice memo to thousands of members on the Cinchast service? In a matter of minutes everyone will hear about your sale any special deals or get up-to-date information on your company or business ventures.

4. Promoting
Promote your blog, website, news, and pretty much anything you’d like to promote; Cinchast allows to blast a voice recorded message about your sites or anything you’d like to promote and in addition to blasting your message you can also add links to them so that folks can follow them directly. On the road, not a problem! The minute you get to the office log in to your cinch account and edit the cinch, add your link and your good to go.

5. Success Stories
If your running a customer driven business and you’re offering a product then it’s great to share success stories with your cinchers. If you sound confident, excited and honest about your message then the cinchers will probably check out what you’re talking about.

6. Relationships
If you’ve heard about relationship marketing then you probably know that Cinchast provides great opportunity for building the relationship marketing facet of your business. Whether you’re a blogger, running a store, or managing any sort of online or offline business you probably understand the value of long-term returns on your efforts. Building relationships has become much easier and sharing information about your product or business is one of the main keys in developing those relationships. Cinchcast allows you to build your community, have them know you and in return help you to establish and expand your brand.

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